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Solving the IEP Chaos

Is your child's IEP paperwork all over the place?  The car, nightstand, desk, kitchen... everywhere? That's how our daughter's papers were.  I couldn't keep track of it all and came up with a system that worked for us.

Introducing the IEP organizer.  85 pages of colorfully laid out organization.  Keep all important documents in one binder.  This IEP organizer helps keep it together, it's easily referencable, and you can bring it with you to your next IEP meeting.

It was also made to plan ahead of the next meeting, keep the school calendar in one location, track any communication between the IEP team and your family, or the school and your family. Don't want to take the entire binder?  No problem!  Just take the pages or worksheets that you're interested in and bring those with you.

All this and more.  This is also a fillable form PDF, meaning there are text boxes that you can fill and then print.  If you're like me and don't have the best handwriting, this may be an option for you.  Although, many will just print and fill out as needed since medication, goals, etc change frequently.

This document also contains the important "Getting to Know Me" cheat sheet.  If you're only interested in that page, a slightly modified version can be purchased here

As always, this is a pdf document and you will need the free Adobe 

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Optionally, you can print and write out your information.  Whichever method you prefer.

Follow the supply list for binders, 3 hole punch, and dividers.  Feel free to use the templates included in the last 5 pages of the IEP Organizer, as those are the binder inserts and the section divider inserts.

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