About Me

Unbreakable Sara was founded by Sara Chan.  Sara found herself struggling with a new way of life due to giving birth to an amazing and strong daughter, Riley.  It was a very difficult pregnancy in which Sara lost one of the twins near the 16 week mark.  Riley was born 6 weeks early, after suffering an inutero stroke, has survived two brain surgeries before turning 1 due to hydrocephalus, and is an epilepsy warrior.  Riley is globally developmentally delayed and medically fragile. 

Our journey isn't easy.  Sara works full-time and runs a support blog for mothers in similar situations at the Unbreakable Sara Blog.  Medical bills just don't stop, though.  So the next step in this journey was to open a printables store to work on in the evenings and weekends.  

Thank you for stopping by the Unbreakable Sara store.  We hope you find something you enjoy, and if so, please leave a review!