Family Medical Binder

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Family Medical Binder

Have a lot going on medically with your family?  We surely do.  The only one in our family who doesn't visit more than normal check-ups is my 4-year-old son. My daughter has 5 specialists in addition to her pediatrician.  I'm up to 6 or 7 specialists myself.  Honestly, I've lost track.  That's where this Family Medical Binder comes into play.

Keep track of medical information, billing, insurance claims, contact information, etc. This Family Medical Binder keeps track of it all.  Start off keep things organized, visit summaries, receipts and more can all be kept in one location.  Keep this information handy for tax season as well.

Download your copy now!  Reprint each year to update the binder and archive the previous years information and paperwork.

This binder is 21 pages and includes pages on how to use the document.  

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