Getting to Know Me Cheat Sheet

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Sending your child to a new environment isn't easy.  Prepare yourself and your child for the new school, new doctors, new teachers with this document.  Give these caregivers information on your child to help them learn about your child and give the best opportunities to provide a great experience.

We sent this, at the time, 3-pager in with our child on her first day of school, along with a seizure tracker and activity log, to help the new staff for the school year, get to know our daughter.  I was relieved to see notes back from her Occupational Therapist saying that they had read the entire document and would incorporate some of the activities documented into her sessions. 

We use this to help describe some of the items to look out for, such as epilepsy, what to do if she's crying, etc.  It also gives a brief medical history, medications, as well as a page that has details on who can pick her up from school with a place for photos. 

Get your document today to help new caregivers quickly learn about your child.  

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