Medical Card for Wallet

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Medical Card for Wallet

Need a cheat sheet for your medication?  Want a handy card to fill out and print to keep in your wallet?  This is the item for you!

When you purchase this item, you will receive an instant download of a PDF document with a fillable form, that you can update and reprint as needed.  You can even laminate for better storage.

The single-page document will have 4 cards ready to go.  Just fill out on your computer and print and you're all set.  Fill out your information, emergency contact, pharmacy name and phone, primary care doctor and phone as well as medication and allergies.  Keep this on hand, and can be used in case of emergency or when visiting a new doctor or specialist.

We have one for each family member, it comes in handy when you have to go to an urgent care on the weekend and can't quite remember what your medications are since you're focusing on the pain in your knee.  True story.  It's much easier to simply hand the nurse the card and let her add the information in.

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Instructions for Use

Please make sure you have adobe acrobat installed on your computer if you plan on filling out the form.  Optionally, you can print and write out your information.  Whichever method you prefer.

Once medical card document is printed, please cut all solid black lines.  Fold each card at the dotted blue line with printed side on the outside.

At this point, you can either laminate the folded paper following instructions on your laminating machine or just use as is.  Laminating will help keep this card safe, but it's entirely up to your preference.  Also, keep in mind that if your medication changes frequently, you may not want to laminate.

Need a laminator?  Get one here (affiliate link).

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